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I work in an editorial office, and editorial office timings are normally different as compared to other office timings. Being a woman, I have to be very careful about the dressing and clothing, especially when its winter. However, I found the Leather Studded Jackets collection this winter, at that solved my problem of being uncomfortable at the work place. There was a pretty good collection, and I picked quite a few. You must visit this site before they run out of these jackets! Margaret Martin

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I normally spend more than 60 percent of my time, outside the home as being a professional, it can be said that we only came to home to sleep, as well as to do our homework. I might not argue regarding a man's professional life, but for women, it becomes quite harsh. However, recently, when I was hit by the cold wind, I realized the need of warm jackets that I could wear on to my office too. Well, I decided to buy some Studded Leather Jackets via, and I would recommend this place to all professionals. Ruth Miller

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